About Us

A wide range of experience allows the firm to bring a unique perspective to problem solving in all aspects of the planning, design, and construction process.

A project's management team has to maintain positive and productive working relationships with executives, directors, managers, end users, design professionals and contractors in order to be successful. Mr. Wentz has been able to repetitively provide the necessary skills to provide successful projects.

After working twenty two years as a construction manager and over twelve years as an owner's project manager, Mr. Wentz is offering service to firms who would like to bring solid leadership to projects or portions of projects without committing in-house staff which may not be available.

Areas of Interest

  • Consultant, contractor, and vendor selection.
  • Planning and design management.
  • On site representation during construction.
  • Budget and Scheduling issues from the initial conception through move in and start up.
  • Other services as mutually agreed to.

With proven analytical and problem solving skill, we have repeatedly delivered projects that have required equally strong abilities in strategic planning and tactic execution. A background of work experience for a national construction firm as well as a major Chicago healthcare institution in their Planning and Construction Department , has given the hands on experience required for managing all phases of planning and design, construction, and activation of projects, both large capital projects (new construction and renovation), and smaller infrastructure work.

We have overseen project up to $45,000,000 in project costs and have collaborated on projects well above $300,000,000.

Wentz Project Management's mission is to provide excellent consulting services to owners or construction managers for planning and design, pre-construction, construction, activation of projects in the fields of Healthcare, Education, Commercial, and Public Works.